Course curriculum

    1. SAFETY

    2. Level 1: Big Breathing Belly

    3. Level 1: Enter the Intercostals

    4. Level 1: Check Up from the Chest Up

    5. Level 1: Complete Practice 1

    6. Level 1: Complete Practice 2

    7. Level 1: Complete Practice 3

    1. Level 2: SAFETY

    2. Level 2: Deep Diaphragm

    3. Level 2: Intense Intercostals

    4. Level 2: Practice 1

    5. Level 2: Practice 2

    6. Level 2: Practice 3

    1. Level 3: SAFETY and Technique

    2. Level 3: Practice 1

    3. Level 3: Practice 2

    4. Level 3: Practice 3

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 17 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content
  • In the all new Thoracic Flexibility Course, brought to you by Ocean Deep Yoga: Freediving & Yoga, you’ll learn new techniques, or expand upon familiar ones, to increase the flexibility, coordination, and function of all muscles involved in breathing. The result is bigger breaths with less effort, and thus improved dive quality. After working with the videos in this course for some time, you will notice a greater feeling of relaxation at depth, making the experience of diving more comfortable which leads to it being more enjoyable. Depth and time increase organically as a result of proper relaxation, among other factors like equalization, mental fitness, and emotional stability but this course focuses just on improving lung volume.
  • You will be able to dissolve tension in your neck, jaw, shoulders, chest, ribs, belly, diaphragm, and more using a combination of traditional yoga asana (postures) and techniques used by pro freedivers to increase lung volume, improve relaxation of body and mind, improve breathing ability and efficiency, and develop the capacity to respond to tension and holding with awareness, then acknowledgement, followed by letting go, instead of it triggering a reactive state resulting in increased tension and anxiety.
  • It’s worth mentioning too that this course is FOR EVERYONE. Beginner through advanced freedivers and non-freedivers too! It is my intention and hope that these videos be used for anyone’s overall health. When our breathing improves, there is a ripple effect that spreads throughout our being enhancing our whole body, sharpening, and balancing our mind, and stabilizing our emotions. These techniques are achievable and beneficial for anyone at any age or skill level. Athletes, public speakers, or singers wishing to improve their performance, office workers hunched over a keyboard for hours suffering from anxiety or stress due to habitual shallow breathing, construction workers who are subject to inhaling debris on a daily basis, anyone suffering from a respiratory condition such as asthma, emphysema, COPD, and the like. The list goes on but the message is the same: If we improve our breathing, we improve our life.

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